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About Us

We are a family-run business dedicated to providing great quality natural foods and treats for your dogs. We stock a range of carefully selected raw meat products to enable you to choose either complete meals or DIY for the more experienced raw feeders.
The brands we stock are the brands we feed to our own dogs, so we know exactly what the quality is like. We started feeding them on a raw diet several years ago and have seen the difference it has made to their health and wellbeing. There have been so many benefits, not least being the reduced amount of poo to clean up. There is no age limit to making the switch to raw, as one of our girls was 10 years old when we made the change. We also wean our puppies straight onto raw and are always complimented on how healthy they are.
We aim to supply a choice of raw meat products from various companies all under one roof, with prices to suit all pockets. We also stock a range of natural treats and herbal remedies so that you have a great selection of products available to you and your canine friends.

We stock and supply raw pet food from brands such as Durham Animal Feeds (DAF), Bulmers and Totally Natural. Call us now on