Southcliffe Pet Foods

Southcliffe Pet Foods

We chose to stock Southcliffe as they are a fast growing company with an excellent reputation for producing great quality products at competitive prices.

Most of their minces contain no offal, which makes them ideal for those who want to add their own, or control the amount of offal that their dogs get at each meal. They are also useful for transitioning dogs on to raw feeding, when we would add offal gradually to their diet.

Southcliffe Pet Foods

Meat Price
Beef £1
Beef & Chicken 75p
Beef & Tripe 90p
Beef & Turkey 80p
Chicken 70p
Chicken & Salmon 90p
Chicken & Tripe 75p
Duck 70p
Duck & Tripe 75p
Tripe 90p
Turkey 70p
Turkey & Tripe 80p
Salmon & Tripe 90p

Southcliffe Pet Foods (Completes)

Meat Price
Beef £1.05
Chicken £1.05
Lamb £1.10
Turkey £1.05
Duck £1.05


Southcliffe Pet Foods (Chunks)

Meat Price
1kg Venison £4.25


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